I am a twenty-something wife, mother and teacher.

Here is brief timeline of my recent life events:

2010 - Completed teacher's college
         - Began my teaching career
         - Bought our first home
2011 - Got married to Joel!
         - Moved into our house
2012 - Leah is born!
2013 - Purchased our second home
2014 - Moved into our second home
         - Samuel is born!
2015 - Purchased our third home (we move in next year)

It has been busy!

I started this blog to share updates on the building of our house and other life events with family and friends, but stopped blogging once we were moved in and life got busy.

I am now continuing to blog for many reasons. First and foremost, I really enjoy writing! I want to document life events and share our family's story. I've started sewing and will also be sharing the sewing and other DIY projects I complete, and simple tutorials. We live debt-free (aside from our mortgage) on mainly one income, so I also thought I could share some money-saving tips and some of the ways in which we live well on a modest budget.

Above all, my aim is to share my faith and how I live in His way. 



The family photo in website header is Oh So Savvy Photography, and the Welcome photo is Inspired By The Tree Photography. Check them out!

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