Monday, September 7, 2015

Give Old Furniture a Facelift Using Cutting Edge Stencils {+ GIVEAWAY}

My furniture update using DIY chalk paint has been a very popular post and I'm thrilled to present to you part 2!

In the original post I mentioned that I had another dresser and a table to paint, and after discovering Cutting Edge Stencils, I knew exactly how I wanted to finish off each project.

So what are Cutting Edge Stencils?

From their website...

"Cutting Edge Stencils offers the best stencils for DIY decorators at great prices! Our reusable wall stencils are easy to work with and even beginners get great results! Stencils are very cost effective and are in many ways better than wallpaper or vinyl decals. Embellishing your walls and furniture with stencil patterns has become a huge decorating trend and many DIY-ers are discovering the ease and fun of stenciling. Anyone can create gorgeous accent walls with stencils quite inexpensively! It's easier and faster than you think. Stenciling is not just for walls, but also for floors, ceilings, furniture, fabrics, and rugs!"

I was thrilled to receive a Casablanca craft stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to review and use on these projects! 

The Coffee Table:

The first project I tackled using the Casablanca stencil was our downstairs coffee table. We were blessed to receive this table from a family friend. 

It's too bad I forgot to take a 'before' photo of the table in our basement rec room. It's a nice table but just did not go with the decor down there at all. I was pretty embarrassed of the mismatch actually, and used a blanket as a table cloth to cover it up when we had company.

When we originally received this table I had intended to add foam to the top and upholster it, but we use the table surface quite a bit, so that didn't really make sense for the space. 

The stencil was the perfect way to add flair!

I started by chalk painting the table white. 

The chalk paint recipe I used on both projects can be found here in my previous post:

When I painted the dresser in the above photo, I used a regular paint brush. I used a roller this time and it was 1000 times easier and looks a lot better too.

I put 3 coats on. Chalk paint dries super fast so this only took a couple of hours to finish. 

I chose the white as a base to match the built ins in our basement, but obviously pure white on its own was a bit too drastic.

Stencil time! 

I was able to get paint samples for only $3 a jar from Home Depot so this project was very reasonable. The paint I chose for the table was Behr Chocolate Swirl. 

I gathered my supplies and got to work! 

My stencil came with the roller and two sponge brushes, plus a paintbrush and two bonus stencils, as well as instructions. The only other supplies I needed were a paper plate, painter's tape and a few paper towels. 

This didn't take long at all. I covered the floor with plastic, but as long as you follow the tips in the instructions, this shouldn't make a mess.

It was done and looking great in no time!

The finished product in toyland our basement! I love this so much!

My next project using the Casablanca Craft stencil was the dresser.

Obviously this dresser badly needed an update! The hardware is mismatched because we had tried on the new ones for size.

So again I chalk painted it in white:

And began to stencil! This project was more involved. The dresser was tricky because I wanted to line up the pattern, there were nine individual drawers, and the stencil was long vertically, whereas the drawers were long horizontally. 

To begin, I lined the stencil up like this and used painter's tape to hold it down. I started painting with the drawers still in, but I'm not sure this was the best way to do this.

I tried taking a few of the drawers out and painting them on top like I did the table, and got mixed results. 

The colour I used on the dresser was icon grey.

In progress:

 And DONE!

This is such a huge improvement and I can't believe how beautiful I was able to make this dresser on such a limited budget and in such little time!

The before and after is pretty insane!

We were going to buy new furniture, but I'm so glad we held onto our hand-me-down dressers!

If I were to do it again I would've used a level - the pattern goes on an angle as it goes to the right - and centred the stencil pattern on the middle of the dresser as opposed to starting on the left hand side, but those things aren't really noticeable and don't bother me. I still think it looks great!

So, do I have any tips?

Honestly the best tips I have are to follow the instructions given with your stencil. I found them very detailed and easy to understand. The Cutting Edge website has some great tips on their how to page as well, and there's even videos to help you get started!

This one was very helpful and it shows you just how easy stencilling is! 

After doing a tiny bit of reading and watching, these projects were very easy! Even the dresser which was more complex took me under an hour.

This craft stencil was perfect for these pieces of furniture and I can only imagine what you could do on your walls with a full size stencil!

And now, are you ready for a GIVEAWAY?!?!?

Cutting Edge wants to give you a stencil to customize your home! The winner may choose ANY STENCIL from their website for any value up to $50, and they will ship it to you for free! 


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