Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mama's Chewlery - The Perfect Teething Solution! {+ GIVEAWAY}

I've been on the hunt for some teething jewellery for a long time.

Because Leah, my 2-year-old, didn't get any teeth until she was over a year old, I was pretty shocked when Samuel started showing signs of teething at 4 months old! 

We kept saying it couldn't be teething, but then lo and behold, those two bottom teeth showed up when he was only 5 months old. He's now almost 10 months and has 7 teeth.

This is a whole new world for me! Leah was never a 'mouthy' baby and I didn't have to worry about her putting things in her mouth.

Samuel puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. 

I was at a bridal shower with him a few weeks ago where he couldn't crawl around, so I had to hold him, and the only thing that would keep him happy was chewing on my (non-teething) necklace. Eek! I knew that couldn't be good and needed a better solution. 

I was so happy to find Mama's Chewlery. I was given a Willow Necklace in Navy and Mint and a grey elephant teether to review and I absolutely love them both. 

First of all, check out how cute the packaging is!

Now look how pretty the actual necklace is! I would totally wear this even if I didn't have a teething baby!

We have lots of teething toys but the Mama's Chewlery necklaces are the perfect accessory for me - and any mom with a teething baby - because I can always have one on me. He can't drop it and I'm not searching around for something to keep him busy; my necklace is always there! 

He was a little sleepy here but as you can tell, still loving the necklace!
The necklace is especially perfect for babywearing. I love babywearing and so does Samuel (did you see the pictures from our recent photoshoot?), but with him getting more active it's always good to have something for him to do while he's wrapped or in the carrier! Not only does the necklace keep him busy, it soothes his poor gums. 

I just wouldn't try this in a back carry!

I love mint and navy and Mama's Chewlery is so easy to coordinate with any outfit. Check out the other colours and bead combinations available here

The elephant teether is amazing too. I was so excited that Mama's Chewlery had elephants available, because Samuel's nursery is full of elephants and my Pandora charm for him is an elephant. Like the willow necklace, it's a super cute accessory for me to wear and to have him chew on, but the elephant easily comes off of the string.

I've found this useful so many times. For the last couple of months, Samuel has immediately rolled over onto his belly when we lay him down to change his diaper. However, I've found that if I give him something to play with he's more likely to stay on his back. The problem before I had the elephant teether necklace was that I was always scrambling around to find something to give him! 

Why are there always plenty of toys around to trip on but never any around when you really need them??

The elephant teether is such a lifesaver for diaper changes! I always have it on me, and then the string can be removed to give to him which makes for safe, easy diaper changes. It's the perfect distraction. Problem solved!

The elephant teether comes in lots of colours too!

Now a bit about the mama behind Mama's Chewlery!

In July of 2014, Cori Grist welcomed a beautiful little girl, Makenna. Makenna started teething at only 3 months old! Just like Samuel, Makenna loved chewing on her Mom's necklaces but Cori was concerned about the safety.

Desperate for a solution, she began to create teething jewellery that mamas can wear that are safe for babies to teethe on!

In Cori's words:

All Mama's Chewlery products are made from 100% food grade silicone that is BPA free, FDA approved and contains NO PVC’s, NO phthalates, & NO lead. - aka completely baby safe!

The soft silicone feels great on their gums and emerging teeth.
Bonus - We don’t use any beads around the neck area so they don't get stuck in your hair! (if you are a mom that has ever worn a teething necklace - you’ll know what I mean!)

All products can be refrigerated for extra relief.

Cori also takes custom orders and you can check out a super cute necklace she made on her Facebook page here. For custom inquiries, contact her at mamas.chewlery[at]gmail[dot]com.

Check Mama's Chewlery out! 

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | Etsy

In addition to all of the bonuses of teething jewellery, Mama's Chewlery is cheaper and much cuter than other brands and pieces I've seen at online and at baby stores. 

The necklaces range in price from $15-25 (the Willow Necklace is $20) and the bracelets and teethers are $10 as well.  

Teething can be a difficult time and Mama's Chewlery products make it not only easier, but stylish too!

And now... are you ready for a GIVEAWAY?? 

One lucky winner will receive a teething necklace of their choice. Enter below - good luck!


  1. I think I might get the Dylan Necklace. There are so many beautiful ones thought. Hard to choose just one. :)

  2. I love that Mint & Navy Blue necklace! I would have to do more research before I could pick just one :)

  3. I would love the Callie Mint! Thank you!

  4. My fave is the WILLOW NECKLACE - NAVY/MINT

  5. Tracy Necklace is bella! Gracias for the giveaway. BB2U

  6. So cute--I'm out of the baby phase, but these are such a great idea!

  7. So many to choose from! Think my favourite is the Willow necklace in fuchsia/cream. I like the Sophie necklace in fuchsia too.

  8. I think the Tracy. It's so difficult to decide especially since I'm choosing this for someone else. :-)

  9. I really love the colors of the Mint & Navy Blue necklace! My daughter is 7 mo old and is teething like crazy. This would be so helpful!

  10. I love so many! But the Tracy is my favorite! I feel like it would match a lot of things!!!! I also love that the beads stop bc when they are on the bacl of your neck they snag your hair!!

  11. I love the Raelynn Necklace - Mint

  12. I like the Willow necklace in mint/cream color combo. I'd even wear it when my little was with grandma!

  13. I like the Willow necklace in mint/cream color combo. I'd even wear it when my little was with grandma!

  14. I think I would choose the LOTUS FLOWER NECKLACE - TURQUOISE