Monday, June 8, 2015

Babywearing Photoshoot with Theresa Brereton Photography

I met Theresa a couple of years ago at a Mompreuner event back when I was a Cloth Diaper Consultant. A photo that she took of me and Leah was published in a local newspaper and it's such a great memory to have - also it's always cool when you're in the paper!

Flash forward to a couple of months ago! We both have new babies and Theresa and I re-connected at a local babywearing meet up.

I was so excited when she offered to take photos of me and my little dude!

She did such a wonderful job. I am not photogenic. At all. And these turned out great!

They're so precious and I think they really capture the bond that we have. I love babywearing and these photos will be a great keepsake to have as Samuel grows.

You can check out Theresa's Facebook Page here and website here.

Here are some of the photos that she took:

Ahhhh I love them! Thank you Theresa!


  1. Love your baby carriers - which ones are they?? Great photos!! I am a new follower from fab female bloggers - I look forward to following along!

    1. Thank you! They are both woven wraps, one is a size 4 turquoise Little Frog and the other is a size 6 Kokadi Hearts