Tuesday, June 16, 2015

17 Delicious Recipes You Can Make Using a Mini Muffin Tin

If you've been on Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that muffin tins are all the rage! It seems like anything and everything can be made in a mini muffin tray these days. 

I love muffin tins and have always been somewhat of a cupcake addict, but lately I've been very much into mini versions and the other creations you can bake in the tins.

I just love mini everything! They're perfect for kids, great for portion control... and just so fun! I find most muffin recipes that freeze well work even better as mini muffins because they thaw so fast.

The possibilities are pretty much endless, but breakfast, appetizers, dessert, and of course MUFFINS can all be made in mini muffin trays. I'm always on the hunt for new ideas, so below I have rounded up 17 delicious recipes for you to try!

Click on the title of each to view the full recipe. 

Veggie Breakfast Cups

from Just 2 Sisters

What better what to start your day (and this roundup) than with breakfast? These veggie cups are packed full of veggies but feature a hash brown "crust." Yum!

Mini Breakfast Cups
from Leave no Leftovers

These mini breakfast cups are perfect if you are a fan of bacon and cheese - like me!

Bite-Sized Cinnamon Rolls
from Brittany's Pantry

Cinnamon rolls are so delicious and you can't beat homemade! These work as both a breakfast food and a snack.

Mini Corn Muffins
from Brittany's Pantry

I love corn muffins! I think these are perfect for kids, but if you're looking for something a bit fancier, Brittany also has a recipe that adds bacon, chives and spicy cream cheese whip to these here

Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins 
from Penny Pincher Jenny

These would make the perfect fall snack! Plus if you follow weight watchers, they're only one point! 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins with Caramel Swirl
from Two Healthy Kitchens

Also great for fall, these incorporate chocolate chips and caramel swirl. Delish! 

Mini Pizza Bites
from Vegetarian Gourmet

These are great for a snack, appetizer or even toddler meal! So customizable too. 

Feta, Pepper & Spinach Cups
from Happy Deal Happy Day

These look so fancy! I feel like my guests would be so impressed if  I served these.

Potato Puffs
from Our Small Hours

I have actually never tried potato puffs, but this recipe makes me want to make them right now!

Hummus Cupcakes
From Newlywed Survival

What a cute appetizer! Such a creative way to use hummus too.

Crab Rangoon Crescent Cups
from Spend with Pennies

Here's one for the seafood lovers! This photo literally makes my mouth water.

Spinach & Artichoke Mini Muffin Bites
from Garden Matter

Another savoury recipe that uses spinach and artichokes - yum! 

Dark Chocolate {Black Bean} Brownie Bites

from Chicago Jogger

Try these for a healthier spin on brownies! This recipe uses an entire can of black beans, and you can't even taste them!

Chocolate Beetroot Brownie Bites
from Caroline's Cooking

Here's another alternative to traditional brownies! 

Chocolate Chip Oreo Muffins
from Home Made Interest

This recipe is super simple - you use a mix for the majority of the muffin - but looks so elegant! And of course, delicious!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Cups
from Home Made Interest

You can't go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter in a cookie crust? Yes please!

Mini Turtle Cheesecakes 
from Gingerly Made

Cheesecake, chocolate, caramel, and pecans come together in this delicious recipe. I want one of these right now! 

I hope you enjoyed this collection of deliciousness! If you're looking for more recipes, please check out my 'Food Ideas' board on Pinterest!

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    1. You're going to have so much fun baking (and eating!) these!

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