Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Furniture Update Using DIY Chalk Paint

When Joel and I got married, my parents offered us their old bedroom furniture for our new home. Sweet! Free furniture!

The dressers were a little 80s but we were happy to receive them.

Flash forward to almost four years later and so much has changed! We have two babies, have moved, and are even moving up to our THIRD house within the year. But the furniture has remained a staple in our bedroom.

The kids both have nice bedrooms and I'd be lying if I wasn't a *little* jealous of Leah's beautiful room. Unfortunately new furniture just isn't in our budget until we sell our current house.

I had heard about chalk paint, so I researched it a little, and then decided to try it on one of our dressers!

I discovered DIY chalk paint and used that as a cheaper alternative to the name brand.

Here's the recipe I used


1 quart of paint (900 ml)
10 Tbsp Plaster of Paris
6 Tbsp water


Mix Plaster of Paris with water in a mixing container (I used an old tupperware container with a lid) until the lumps are gone, and then add paint. That's it!

I chose the cheapest paint I could find and bought a gallon because I have another dresser and a coffee table I want to paint as well. I bought new hardware too. We tried the knobs and handles for size before I painted and could already tell that this was going to be a huge improvement!

The 'before' photo with supplies

As for other supplies needed - just a paint brush! That was the one thing I somewhat splurged on and went middle of the line, because I wanted to minimize brushstrokes. 

To be honest I really didn't research it that much as far as application method, just kind of jumped right in! I figured I couldn't do much damage to the furniture, and we'd be able to afford new furniture in a year or so anyways.

So I took off the hardware and started painting!! 

Here's how it looked after the first coat:

And second coat:

And after the third coat... when it was done!

I think it's a huge improvement and it didn't take too long at all! With two little ones I'm definitely pressed for time and this was the perfect weekend project for me. It only took a couple of hours.

I'm kind of afraid to offer any tips since this was pretty much my first time painting and the finished product is far from perfect, but if you try this, be aware that chalk paint dries super fast. When the paint has started to dry, it's risky to go over it with your brush and try to fix any mistakes because the paint will stick it your brush and it's not a good scene. But even if this happens, the finished product will still turn out okay... mine did!

I decided to leave the matte finish but might use wax or varnish down the line.

Have you ever tried chalk paint? How did it turn out?

Update 09/08/2015 - I painted the other dresser and table I mentioned in this post. I used a roller instead of a regular brush this time and it was much easier! See the other dresser update using a Cutting Edge Stencil here:


  1. Very cool. It turned out great. I've never used chalk paint, but I have several projects in mind.

  2. I haven't used it myself, but have a friend who love the stuff! The dresser looks great!

  3. Looks so great!! I really like chalkboard paint, but have never tried in white!

  4. Hi, I featured your cookie recipe on my blog :) Please check it out and let me know what you think.

  5. After three coats the dresser is perfect! Thank you for sharing at the Home Matters Party. Join us again next Friday; the Door Opens at 12am EST.

  6. That looks so nice! I love the recipe for your DIY chalk paint. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party! I've pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest board.

  7. I have used chalk paint on some crafty projects with reclaimed wood. I love the finish but I worry about using it on something that will get a lot of scuffs so I haven't done any furniture...yet. Your dresser looks beautiful and inspiring!

  8. I love painting furniture You did a great job. I have never used homemade chalk paint. I am definately going to give it a try. I found your post on Wake Up Wed. I'm glad I linked up

    1. This was a fun project! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I love the finish, I Pinned it! Thanks for posting. Hello from Wake Up Wednesday.

  10. I've really got to try chalk paint - it looks so pretty! Thanks for linking up at Talented Tuesday!