Friday, March 20, 2015

Why I Love Babywearing

I knew I was going to wear my children before they were even born. I loved the idea for the convenience and closeness, and now that I have a toddler and a baby I absolutely cannot imaging parenting without babywearing!

Here are some of the reasons that I love and always recommend babywearing to new moms:

Babywearing leaves you with two free hands while still being able to have your baby close

It's so much easier to make dinner or do anything around the house with your hands free. This is HUGE for me. Both of my babies have loved to be held and sometimes you just can't put them down - but still need to get things done! Babywearing allows me to do this

You can tend to and keep up with your older child(ren)

Leah is involved in many toddler classes that I bring both children too, and by wearing Samuel I am able to keep him with me without intruding on the class... all while having my hands free to participate in the itsy bitsy spider! 

Babies often fall asleep while being worn

Babywearing is the best for babies who are hard to settle and the newborn phase in particular. A lot of the time when Samuel is fussy he will pass right out when I wear him. Lifesaver!

You can take your baby places that strollers can't go

Babywearing is perfect for hiking, muddy trails, mom 2 mom sales and non-stroller friendly stores

You can take your baby places that strollers can go, but be a lot less tied down

Strollers have their place for sure (I find, anyway) but they're so bulky! I A lot of the time when I bring the stroller into a store I end up having to carry Samuel anyways. Wearing him is so freeing!

When you have two little ones, you can take a single stroller on outings instead of a massive double

Of course...  you can always just wear both kids :)

It helps keeps strangers away from your baby

People can be pretty intrusive and even touchy with babies, which is not always cool! Having your little one on your body makes it less likely he or she will be poked or prodded by a stranger

Wraps and carriers are great for toddlers too

Babywearing is great for when they're sick, tired or unsure of a new situation

You can meet new friends!

The babywearing community is very active online and in person. There's a whole babywearing culture complete with meetups and Facebook groups ranging from just general wearing to love for specific brands of carriers or wraps. And it's pretty easy to make new mommy friends wherever you go by simply asking "Is that a tula?"

It's fun!

I enjoy choosing patterns I love and trying out new carries with my woven wrap

What do YOU love about babywearing?


  1. I love "It helps keep strangers away from your baby". I literally laughed out loud. It's a real concern.

  2. Such cute photos. My granddaughter is very much into baby wearing. I lived in a remote tribal setting for 12 years and of course that is how they carry their children. Very bonding. Kathleen from via #ibabloggers

  3. Love the photos and always enjoy learning something new #ibabloggers

  4. I did the same thing with my little one and I agree with you. It was much easier than using a stroller and the biggest benefit? He was happier. #ibabloggers