Saturday, March 7, 2015

Elmo Birthday Party

I love party planning!

Leah's first birthday had a woodland creatures theme and I knew for a long time that her second birthday had to be Elmo-themed. She didn't even watch Sesame Street, but she got an Elmo toy for Christmas the year before and was instantly in love.

Soon she was finding Elmo everywhere and our house was being overtaken - we even have an Elmo potty seat!

However, Leah's second birthday was 4 days after my due date with Samuel, so we didn't even know if we should have a party in the fall.

We weren't sure how I would be feeling at 36 weeks pregnant, so we decided to just host a small party in our backyard for family. I wanted it to be a blast for Leah though, so everything had to be Elmo! (Plus that's just how I roll for parties - theme is so important!)

I found a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest and got really excited!

The first place I went to check for supplies was the dollar store, and I found a lot! I got red plates, cups and napkins there as well as Sesame Street stickers and even a bib.

I Elmo-ifiied the plates by adding the eyes and nose made from construction paper, and picked out the Elmo stickers and decorated the cups.

I got the idea for the Elmo made of fruit on Pinterest as well. So cute! I found the little cups (shot glasses?) for the dip eyes at the dollar store as well. For dip I just used yogurt.

My next stop was bulk barn. I was pretty sure I had seen Elmo piñatas there and that they had cake plates you could rent as well.

I found the cake plates but wasn't super confident in my abilities in that field, so when I found the little candy Elmos I knew that cupcakes were in order! I have a cupcake display I love and use all the time. I decided to not use Elmo for every cupcake, and put red sprinkles on the others. It's hard to tell from the photos but the cupcake liners were also Elmo!

I did find a piñata but it was pricey and the logistics of it were iffy... having to fill it and then having children break into it, plus I worried Leah might want to keep it; so I just decided to pass on it.

I don't have any photos of it, but Leah's shirt underneath the bib was also Elmo! It was a really cute one with sequins on it that we luckily received as a hand me down.

I printed Elmo colouring pages for the kids as activities and we had a cute day!

Next I'll be planning 1st and 3rd birthdays! What are some creative birthday themes you've come up with?


  1. How can you not smile with a party theme like this. It just makes you grin. It's great that you held the party, even with all the craziness and Im sure your daughter loved it. Small is often the best!

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  2. Pinterest is just the best huh? Love the cute theme!

  3. So cute!! Love that fruit display and those plates? So fun!

  4. My oldest had his 1st birthday party as an Elmo theme! It is just one of those children classics that works! I love how you made Elmo plates. That idea is adorable!

  5. Love the easy ways you took simple items and Elmo-fied them! (And I think Elmo parties are a right of passage for those little years) 😉

  6. Such a cute theme! Love how creative you got with the plates and the cupcakes are adorable!

    The Cuteness

  7. So so cute! Love the Elmo plates! You did a great job

  8. So cute! I love finding perfect treasures at the dollar store! That's always my first stop when planning parties :)

  9. I love that the theme was something your daughter loved! Everything looked so cute and I especially love that you spared no details and even jazzed up the plates!

  10. Oh wow! this is put together so well... I just love the strawberry Elmo!

  11. how cute!! Well done, I never wouldve thought to make the plates festive!

  12. For starters, I have a daughter named Leah too! How fun! She's my oldest. Secondly, I love the Elmo plates! how cute! And I love how it's the simple details like that, that take the party to the next level! Well done! xo