Monday, March 9, 2015

Big News!

We are moving! Again!

We love our current house and it has been great for us, but we have purchased a new home that we feel is a really good opportunity for our growing family.

It is a new build about half an hour from where we currently live. Right now we live in our hometown and both sets of parents are here so it's a bit sad, but we're not going too far!

Our first house was a new build and we loved that everything was brand new. We really enjoyed getting to choose all of the finishes and were actually looking at other new houses when we found our current home. It's been a great transition and we're so thankful that we were able to upgrade to this house, but we know that space is going to be an issue down the road.

We had to take down our dining room table to have a place to put our Christmas tree this year which was quite the wake up call!

In our new house we're gaining an ensuite, bedroom and dining room, plus the house is situated on a huge lot! We're well aware that new homes don't often come with large lots so we were happy to jump on this opportunity.

It's kind of crazy and scary but really exciting at the time same.

Construction should start late fall and we'll move in next Spring.

Here are some pictures of our lot! I'm really looking forward to seeing the house be built and sharing this new adventure that our family is on.

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