Sunday, March 15, 2015

17 St. Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

As a Mom of two little ones, I'm always looking for creative and fun holiday activities.

At almost two and a half, Leah is starting to understand a lot more about special occasions, and I know I always looked forward to doing seasonal activities with my Mom.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, I've come across some really cute activities and ideas that I wanted to try out, and share with you!

Here are some cute - and many delicious! - ways to celebrate March 17th with your children.

First up: Things to Eat!

Kids love to create and eat! I know my toddler loves to help out in the kitchen, and definitely loves to polish off the food we make together!

#1 - Green Breakfast

A quick and easy way to start your St. Patrick's Day is to serve a green breakfast!

All you need is a little green food colouring and you're good to go! If you're strapped for time, simply adding a little green to your child's milk is sure to brighten their day.

Source: Raising Memories

#2 - Rainbow Cookies

These Rainbow Cookies are so adorable! Leah is super into play dough right now (and let's be honest, Mom is too!) and I'm so excited to make these with her!

I can see these being good for really any age; older children could make their cookies more intricate, and little ones would just have a blast playing with and eating the many colours.

Source: Raising Memories

#3 - Shamrock Cookie Pizza

I love a good dessert pizza! This is so creative and looks so delicious! Kids of all ages would love helping to bake and decorate this.

Source: A Mind "Full" Mom

#4 - St Patty's Popcorn Balls

I've never tried popcorn balls, but these are so funny and unique!

Source: WonderMom Wannabe

#5 - Mini Rainbow Cloud Cupcakes

These are so fun and easy to make! These would also be great for a rainbow-themed birthday party.

Source: Practical Mommy

#6 - Green White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am a sucker for chocolate chip cookies and my toddler is too! My mouth literally waters when I look at this photo.

Source: Practical Mommy

#7 - Lucky Charms Blizzard

Did you say Blizzard!?! This is a great activity and dessert for kids of all ages. I'd probably make these even if I didn't have kids!

Source: 4 Sons 'R' Us

#8 - Lean Mean Green Meatloaf

Since your family *might* be eating a lot of treats on St. Patrick's Day, this is a great dinner to finish off your day with. It's healthy, and of course, very GREEN!

Source: Math Mom with a Blog

Next we have crafts you can do with your children to celebrate the holiday.

#9 - Fruitloop Rainbow

This is so simple and cute! Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Source: Raising Memories

# 10 - Wood Cuff Bracelets

I love these so much! They're really simple and look so amazing. These do take time though, so start now if you're going to do this!

Source: The Refurbished Home

# 11 - Textures and Patterns Shamrock

I love this! This activity is a great way to explore patterns and textures, and makes a great keepsake for kids of all ages.

Source: Fun With a Message

# 12 - Leprechaun Loot

I love how simple this craft is and that you can re-use empty K-cups; I hate throwing those away!

# 13 - Shamrock Wreath

This is a great and simple activity that you can make with your kids this year, and then use as a seasonal decoration for years to come!

Source: Chrisyisblogging

# 14 - Shamrock Suncatcher 

Melting Crayons was one of my favourite things to do as a kid! I'm not sure Leah will be up for sacrificing her crayons this year, but we'll definitely try this one down the road.

Source: Practical Mommy

#15 - Pinch Proof! T-Shirts

These are really cool!

Source: My Paper Craze

# 16 - Free Activity Pages

These are great if you're looking for a quiet or simpler activity, and I love freebies! These printables are all great. Bingo dabbers are always a bit hit with kids, and I know Leah will be all over this when we do these on Tuesday. Just make sure to use washable bingo dabbers if you have little ones!

Source: One Little Project

 And one final link for Christian families! 

# 17 - 10 Fun Activities with Biblical Applications

If you are looking for activities with Biblical applications, be sure to check this out! These activities are great and teach kids the reason behind the season.

Source: Ministry Mom Cheri Gamble

I hope you enjoyed this list!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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