Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Big Girl" Room

I love love LOVE planning and decorating my kids' rooms. I spent a lot of time (and money!) on Leah's nursery in our old house, so when it was time to move her into her "big girl" room, I wanted it to be special. However, I did not want to break the bank this time! 

This is how we transformed our guest room into a toddler bedroom that I believe will grow with Leah.

I was newly pregnant with Samuel when we moved last January, and we weren't 100% sure which bedroom we wanted for each of the children. We decided on a bedroom for 15-month-old Leah at the top of the stairs, but then, for a variety of reasons, decided to keep that room the nursery and move her a couple of months before she turned 2.

Even though I knew the new baby wouldn't be in a crib for a while, I was determined to get the nursery finished before he came. It was important to me to move Leah from the crib long before the baby would be in it, so that she didn't feel like he was stealing her bed. I wanted her to be excited about the move too!

The walls were already pretty neutral and we don't really like painting so I decided to just go with it!

I was able to use lots of things that we already had, including:

The comforter. It was the one I used on my bed in University and is actually strawberry shortcake on the other side! I fell in love with the grey and pink colour palate and everything else followed from that

The "You are my Sunshine" print was from her nursery but it actually blends better in this room I think!

The night table was used for storing her toys and books in her nursery but I thought it would be a great night table and she loves it!

The bookshelf / storage unit was from my old "office" in our kitchen, where I kept my cloth diaper kit for consultations, cookbooks, and some other kitchen accessories

The pink baskets were used for storage in her change table

The picture ledgebirth print (I made it using a tutorial I found on pinterest here) and frames, owl bookends and name letters were all from her old room as well.

I liked that I was able to use a lot from her old room but give the room a completely different feel and not have it seem 'babyish.' And this saved a lot of money too!

We purchased the headboard and bed frame secondhand. I had been looking online for a while but wasn't able to find anything I liked, and this one was perfect!

The only things we purchased new were the dresser (her old one matches the change table so we kept it in the nursery), the tree wall decal, the mattress, and bed rail. We totally could have used a secondhand dresser to keep the cost down even more, but I liked the idea of a large new one that she can use for years to come. Her closet is pretty tiny too so we needed a lot of space for her clothes. 

The curtain valances I actually made! We had just finished the room when I remembered I had some pink flannel fabric. It felt like the room was missing something, so I whipped these up, and love how they turned out! 

I really love Leah's room and she does too! It's simple but girly and I kind of wish it was my room!

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