Friday, May 23, 2014

The Big Reveal

I am 21 weeks pregnant today and the ultrasound I had 2 weeks ago went very well! She wasn't able to tell us much but was pretty reassuring.

Then Monday morning my midwife called and left a message to tell us that everything looks GREAT! I had asked her to call with the results to ease my mind and reassure us.  I do have to go back next week and get another look at baby's spine, but they reassured me it was just the baby's position that was a problem, and no issues are suspected. Then, since Joel was home we decided to call back and find out what we were having! Very exciting!

I had been pinning ideas for a reveal party, and we wanted to have a bit of a housewarming as well, so we decided to combine the two! On Tuesday night we had close friends and family over to reveal to them what we are having and show off our house.

Everything had a pink and blue theme. We served water with pink and blue labels (I just covered them with scrapbook paper), a pink punch (Kool-Aid) and a blue punch (Sprite with blue food colouring). I made pink and blue cupcakes with pink and blue icing and we served some chips and veggies too. 

When guests arrived, they had to vote and put their name under either boy or girl. Then everyone had to 'wear' their guess by attaching a clothespin to their outfit that was coloured either pink or blue. We also had guests fill out a card to guess the baby's weight, length, birthday, hair and eye colour. We plan on giving out gift cards to the "winners" in each major category when the baby arrives.

I was able to find a lot of cute decorations at the dollar store! My Mom also made giant tissue paper flowers for us to display in pink and blue.

For the big reveal, I wanted to make cupcakes with icing inside, but I thought there were too many variables. We had done a balloon release for Leah and it went well, so I decided to do that again. We had balloons filled with helium and put them inside a pink and blue box. Joel wore his "This is What a Cool Dad Looks Like" shirt, Leah wore a big sister shirt, and I wore a mom-to-be pin. We opened the box in our backyard in front of everyone and revealed...


We are thrilled and can't wait to meet our son! I had so much fun planning the reveal and it was great being able to celebrate with our family and friends.

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