Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Recharge

This has been the longest winter ever, and I've had a serious case of the winter blues!

Back in the fall, Joel found a Travelzoo deal for the Old Mill Inn and we bought a voucher. They are one of his customers and he kept telling me it was a really nice place. We kept putting off booking it because of the move, but we finally did and went yesterday.

We had such a great time!

Our room was a suite with really high end finishings, a separate sitting area (so Leah got her own room!), a jacuzzi and a fireplace. I'm pretty sure I've never stayed in a place so nice before!

They even gave us chocolates on the beds, it was very cool.

After we checked in, I headed up to the spa for a much needed massage. Next, we headed to the restaurant for dinner. The buffet was also very nice, Joel got to sample his seafood and we all pigged out! It was pretty classy but Leah was very well behaved.

After dinner we explored the hotel and got to check out some of the history. Leah got some exercise walking - and running - through the halls! Because it was Sunday, not a lot of people were there and we really got to explore.

Joel and I watched a movie and we even let Leah watch some Treehouse from her playpen. After all, she deserved a vacation too!

In the morning we had a nice breakfast buffet and checked out the garden.

If you are able, I highly recommend taking a mini vacation of your own. I feel so recharged and fresh!!

It was also nice to spend technology-free time with my family and remember what's really important.

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