Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY Easter Egg Tree

When I was growing up, my Mom did fun activities with us to celebrate every occasion. Something that I always looked forward to was decorating eggs for Easter.

We would always empty the eggs before decorating them, which was really neat, because the eggs were perfectly preserved and could be displayed for years to come. It was nice to look at all of the eggs displayed and remember creating each of the patterns and designs.

Leah was a bit too little to partake this year, so I blew the eggs out while she was napping, and decorated the eggs pretty much solo while she watched from her high chair. She was more interested in playing with her hair elastic, but I'm sure she'll get into it as she gets older, and I wanted to include her.

I couldn't exactly remember the "blowing" technique, so I consulted my Mom and good ol' google! Basically I just stuck a needle through each end of the egg and blew out the insides into a bowl. I was a bit concerned about putting my mouth on an egg, so I washed them thoroughly beforehand. The bigger the holes are, the easier it is. It also really helps if you're able to break up the yolk first.

I was originally going to do 6 eggs, but one broke, so I just did 5! I washed the eggs after they had been blown out too.

I didn't go "all out" decorating them, I just wanted to dye them, but I remembered (from my Mom!) that you could draw on the eggs with crayon first and it would show through, so I wrote Leah and 2014 on a couple, and drew a bunny on another. 

The problem with blowing out the eggs before you dye them is that they float! To avoid this you can dye first and then blow them out, but I was worried about my eggs breaking after I had them decorated. Instead I held down the eggs in the dye with spoons, and it created a marbled effect which I liked.

The dye is just vinegar and boiling hot water with food colouring. You can google the amounts, but I did mostly water with a swig of vinegar.

I used up all of my red food colouring making Leah's birthday cupcakes, so I was fairly limited for colours! I used blue, green and yellow, and dunked a couple of them into 2 colours to create a blend of the colours.

Here's the "Leah" egg:

For this egg, I dyed it yellow first, then wrapped an elastic band around it and then dyed it green.

Here's the bunny egg!

I originally wanted to fill the vase with potpourri, but it just didn't work, the pieces were too big. I bought the tree "branches" from Bouclair and cut them in half at different spots, so there were different heights. You can also use real tree branches, but we're a little lacking in the backyard greenery! My Mom used real branches with buds that had bloomed, and it looks really pretty. I used a vase I already had.

I bought ribbon from the dollar store to tie around the eggs and to attach them to the branches.

I used a glue gun to attach the ribbon to the eggs, and made sure that the holes were covered. I tied them at the top, left a little bit of ribbon to loop them around, and then tied them in a bow and then a double knot.

I love my Easter Egg Tree! I originally thought it needed more eggs, but five is fine for now, as we'll hopefully keep adding to it every year. I'm really excited to decorate eggs next year, and to be able to look back on the Easter Eggs I decorated for years to come. 

Update March 2015: We added Paper Egg Ornaments to the tree this year!

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