Friday, December 27, 2013

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Christmas Day has already come and gone, which is so hard to believe.

I had been wanting to blog about this for so long but we just got so busy, but I guess late is better than never! 

Growing up, we had a lot of holiday traditions that I remember fondly, and since Leah is a bit older this year, I had been thinking about some traditions we could continue with her for quite some time. 

We knew Santa would be coming to our house this year (and boy did Leah get spoiled!), but wanted to make sure that she knew - as much as she can know at 14 months - that we were celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

I struggled with it a bit, as I wanted to read to her more, but she's just not at an age where she wants to sit and listen! Instead, what I tried to focus on this year was making sure that Leah was introduced to the idea of Baby Jesus, but more through play. She's still pretty little and I wanted her to be excited about Jesus' birthday. 

Leah has the "Little People" nativity set, and when she would play with it we would tell her about Mary and Joseph and how Baby Jesus was born in a manger, and then sometimes about the angel and wise men.

I also found this bulletin board set I made for my classroom a few years ago, and put it up on the mirrored doors in the downstairs hall. Leah loves to look in the mirror while we're getting ready, so I put it at her level. When she would look at and touch the manger and stars I would tell her about Jesus and a few of the names He goes by.

Since I wasn't able to get Leah to sit and listen to me reading for very long periods, she always had Christmas books available to her to play with and "read" through on her own. We purchased this handmade felt book at a Christmas Bazaar and Leah loves looking through it and taking out the Baby Jesus and putting Him back in.

I love that we were able to introduce the idea of Jesus' birth to Leah this year through play, and can't wait for next year!

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