Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy PJs

I recently scored a huge bin of flannel fabric for cheap, and have been dying to use it!

I found this easy PJ pant tutorial on Pinterest and decided to try making them for Leah. I also wanted a top to go with them, and have been really interested in applique lately, so I tried that!

Here is how I did it!

I got these long sleeve onesies at Bonnie Togs for 20% off as part of their Boxing Week sale. Leah's room gets a bit chilly at night so she always sleeps with long sleeves.

I got the "sweet heart" idea when I was rocking Leah before bed a few nights ago. She is certainly a sweetheart and I liked the idea of doing something simple but incorporating both writing and a shape. I googled "cartoon hearts" and printed one I liked the shape of. Next I wrote out s w e e t in a Word document, found a font I liked, bolded it and printed it out in size 100. Then I cut out the letters and heart and made sure they fit well on the shirt. 

Next I traced the letters and heart onto my fabric. I used pencil, but next time I'd probably use a chalk pencil so it comes off easier. 

Next I placed it on Heat N Bond paper, and ironed it. 

Next, I cut everything out and placed them where I wanted them.

Then I ironed it on, and the top is done! I used the super strong Heat N Bond since it was all I could find and it doesn't require sewing, but if I had used a different type I would have stitched around the outside of the letters and heart. 

Next, the pants! No pattern required! I folded the fabric in half and then folded a pair of Leah's pajama pants in half. I chose a pair of fleece pants that are pretty baggy since I wanted the pants I was making to be roomy. I placed the pants on top of the fabric the opposite way, so the fold was on the other side, and the "bum" part was on the open side of the fabric.

I made sure the pants were open all the way, and then cut around the pants, with an inch or two seam allowance. I wasn't super technical. You'll need two of these. 

I left a lot of room at the bottom of one, but then the second piece of fabric I had was smaller, so I made it as big as I could, but the next piece ended up being smaller. 

If I were doing it again I'd probably leave the amount of space shown at the bottom, plus extra space at the top since the top has to be folded over twice to put in the elastic. 

So now I have both legs cut out!

The two pieces get opened up and I sewed the curved parts at the top together. 

Here it is sewn:

Then I opened it up, so the stitched part was in the middle, and it looks like pants!

I then stitched the inside of the pant legs, starting at the bottom of one leg and curving around to the bottom of the other.

I don't have a serger, so I zig zagged the inside of all the seams to prevent fraying.

Next, I folded down the top twice, leaving enough room for the elastic (I put it in and made sure there would be enough room) and stitched it down, leaving a small seam allowance. I left an opening of 3 inches are so, and then threaded the elastic through, after measuring it to Leah's waist. I then stitched the elastic closed. 

Next, I stitched the opening closed. 

I folded up the bottoms and sewed them too. Notice the length difference! I was able to even it out in the end, thankfully!

It's not perfect - although, truthfully, I'm not really a perfectionist - and I'm definitely still learning, but I'm really happy with how they turned out!

I think anyone could make these. The entire process took me maybe a couple of hours. I found the trickiest part to be cutting out the letters and sewing around where the elastic was to go.

I really enjoy making things for Leah and love that I was able to add my own message to her PJs.

I think Leah likes them too!

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