Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back at it... I think?

Well, I'm back! I really want to start blogging regularly again, but that's what I said last time, so we'll see what happens!

Here's what our family has been up to:

Joel and I took some fun birthday photos of Leah near our house 
Leah turned One! 

On October 6th, our little sweetie became a one year old!

Leah is such a sweetheart and bum scoots everywhere! She's getting very close to walking but is quite cautious still. She loves chatting, sharing, eating and "helping" around the house. She's such a blessing!

We celebrated Leah's birthday on her actual birthday at our church with family and friends. Her party had a woodland creatures theme and I had so much fun planning it!

We had Julie from Wee Jam come and do a little music program for the kids and it was great! So fun!

Leah helping set up

 We bought a new house!

We had planned on purchasing another new build, but with too many unknowns we decided to take a look at existing homes and found one we love!

We bought it and then put our house up for sale, and it sold the next day! We move at the end of January and are thrilled.

I love our house but the 3 levels with zero basement and backyard just isn't working for us anymore. The new house has a finished basement and a little fenced backyard. And two fireplaces! I can't wait to move in.

I'm really into sewing!

In the summer, I found fabric I really liked that matched the theme of Leah's party and decided I wanted to try my hand at making a dress for her to wear on her birthday. I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine, tried making a few things, and discovered that I love sewing! I'm really happy with how her birthday dress turned out. I took a break while we were working on buying and selling the houses but am back at it. I made this Christmas chevron pillowcase dress for Leah last night and absolutely love it. I saw something similar on Zulily not too long ago and thought "Hey, I could make that!" It was really easy too. I followed this "Easiest Pillowcase Dress Ever" tutorial. 

I'm supply teaching about once a week and am loving it. I'm still a cloth diaper consultant as well and have something else in the works too, but for the most part I am a stay at home Mom which has been great.

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