Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be Still and Know That I am God

Yesterday was my birthday. I am 26 years old!

Everything is good in my life, but I have been feeling a bit restless. The summer is coming soon, and - more importantly - the fall is looming. Every fall since I was a little girl, September would bring school. This was the case until I graduated high school, and then there was university, and even after that, I was teaching! I always had something to look ahead to.

This past year didn't bring school, but I was expecting my little miracle in late September. I didn't know exactly how everything was going to play out, but I knew I was going to be a Mom.

Now, for September 2013, I have no plans! I am going to be a stay at home Mom, and will only be going back to teaching in a supply capacity. No classroom to get ready and no class of my own to meet.

I've been wondering if I should be doing something more; wondering if there is something else out there for me I should be looking towards.

Is supply teaching going to be enough? 

Should we move into a bigger house?

Should we have another baby?

So many things have been running through my mind.

On the way home from our birthday dinner last night, we heard the song "Hey There Delilah" on the radio. It immediately brought me back to my university days, back when Joel and I were dating. I remember listening to it and the line "two more years and you'll be done with school" really speaking to me. I couldn't wait to be done school and see more of Joel. Talking on the phone and msn (yep, those were the days!) and only seeing each other on weekends was simply not enough.

Now we are married, live together, and get to see one another each and every night and morning. We even have a child together! This is what I've always wanted. My restlessness is silly.

I was reminded of Psalm 46:10: Be still and know that I am God, and know that this is what I need to do.

I need to be still and embrace the amazing life that I am living, and be grateful for my blessings! God has been so faithful and although change is inevitable, today is perfect, and everything is as it should be right now.

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