Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Few Thoughts

Yes... I have a lot of updating to do. I need to blog about Italy and many other things as well.

It's been very busy. Tuesday was the first day of my second year of teaching. On Wednesday, our house officially became ours.

It's all good things happening, but I'm finding it overwhelming.

Surprisingly, Facebook has really kept me grounded. It has this new feature that will show your past status updates from "this day in 2009" or "this day in 2010," which has reminded me of how blessed I am.

Two years ago, I began the journey to become a teacher. I moved to North Bay, but was fortunate enough to complete my first teaching placement at my old elementary school in Milton. After I had completed one week up north and was about to begin one week of teaching observation (for the first week of school), I received a wonderful surprise. Joel proposed, and we became engaged.

One year ago, I had little teaching prospects other than a possible EA position. One week before school was set to begin, I was hired as a full-time grade 4 teacher at a Christian School.

This year... well, you know.

It has been crazy, but my life has been - and continues to be - so overwhelmingly wonderful.

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