Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are off to Italy tomorrow!

We are so excited! (And just a little nervous)

Things have been kind of crazy around here because:
  • I moved into my new classroom on Wednesday
  • We moved out of our apartment on Thursday - we are living with my parents for now, because...
  • Our house closes in 3 weeks! 
  • We've been getting everything ready for our trip
Who knew there were so many steps involved in the purchase of a new house! We've been busy meeting with our mortgage guy, lawyer and builders. It's stressful that everything is happening at once, but they are all good things so I can't complain! Also we were able to get a great interest rate which was a huge blessing.

I can't wait to share pictures from our trip!

For now, I will leave you with a preview of our new kitchen!

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