Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Close!

The house is looking great! The drywall is done and it is finally looking like a house inside! We couldn't take many pictures tonight because it was getting late and was a little dark in there, but I got a good shot from the outside!

Even some of the ceiling is done!

Here is a shot of our master bedroom. 

God has been doing some really cool things in my life. Last week I had a bad case of hives that lasted almost the whole week and was feeling pretty down. Our apartment is a little depressing (it's in a basement) and I sometimes get lonely when Joel goes to work. Having the summer off is great, it just feels weird not to have much to do, especially with the wedding planning over. I would LOVE to be in our house now, setting everything up, but unfortunately that's not possible.

HOWEVER, I went to school this week and met up with a co-worker and we are working on some really cool units to teach this year, and I'm working on a very exciting service project for my class to complete this year (more details to come!). So I'm getting more excited for school, versus the uncertainty and nerves I was feeling before.

Also, our trip is quickly approaching, and it seems everyone I talk to has something great to say about Rome. We are very lucky to be going on a honeymoon there, and I'm very thankful for that.

And... the house looks great, we are moving there in just over a month.

Not to mention we had the fabulous opportunity to go up north this weekend. We stayed with some friends and also were able to see our Grandparents. It was great!!

So, in closing, God is great. He didn't forget about me and I know he never will!

A shot of us in Muskoka. Our first non-wedding married photo!

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