Sunday, July 3, 2011

House Updates

It has been a while and the house has come a LONG way!

Below is the outside of the house... the brick is already covering the side but is going on the front soon too! The brick is a kind of greyish colour.

Here is the archway we added leading into the house:

Here is our laundry room:

A couple of shots of the kitchen: 

And here is the dining room. The kitchen and dining room are connected to each other with a counter underneath, which will have barstools on the dining room side. The balcony is off of the dining room as well. 

From the kitchen looking into the dining room:

 Here is the master bedroom. It's dark but it has a large window and a vaulted ceiling!

The office:

There is a 3rd bedroom as well.

We go for our frame walk Tuesday, which means that the insulation and drywall will be in soon!

It is all very exciting!

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