Monday, March 7, 2011

A Word of Encouragement

Today was not the best day.

I didn't get a very good sleep last night and although I was able to plan at school this morning, I was just so tired all day.

It wasn't all bad by any means; my class was very well behaved today (with one exception), and their science fair boards are really coming together which is very exciting.

Late last week, I had turned in my report card drafts to my principal. She took them home over the weekend and promised me that she would be done editing Monday. I wrote my first set of report cards this fall, but nonetheless I was nervous and excited to receive her feedback. I really put a lot of thought, time and effort into my comments.

Either way, I knew that these marks and comments had to be inputted into our system tonight after school; a process which can be tedious and time-consuming, and I wasn't looking forward to another long evening at school. After all, I had just written the report cards the previous week.

After a short staff meeting after school, I received the folder back that I had handed in, with the request that I read over her comments and suggestions.

Later, my principal called me into the school (I teach in the portable). She had seen the science fair boards my class had created and really wanted to talk about them. I brought these into school earlier to check with the science fair coordinator that we were doing them correctly.

She was quite pleased with them, and I let her know that I was very proud of the students for doing such a good job on their science fair projects.

What she said next made my day.

She told me that I should be most proud of my report card comments, because they were really well written and not the usual output of a first-year teacher. She told me that she felt each child's personality really shone through and that I did a great job.

It was such a small compliment but yet such a large one.

Not only did she make me feel better about being in my first year of teaching, but she recognized how much I love and care for my students.

I wasn't able to begin the process of inputting my marks until around 5pm, and didn't get home until after 7. But that didn't matter. A smile hasn't left my face all night.

A small word of encouragement can go a long way.

I hope that I, too, may be blessed to be a blessing.

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