Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping Things in Perspective

This afternoon, Joel and I received some not-so-good news.

The closing date for our house has been pushed back 2 months. We now have to wait until at least September to move in.

This is a major bummer! July would have been so perfect because I am off work, and we even found a short-term rental in Brampton to live in for June.

So we are going to be "homeless" for another couple of months. I can't help feeling sad about this.

The thing is though... really, we won't be homeless.

This weekend, Joel and I went with the young adults to Toronto on a mini-missions trip. We went with the Centre for Student Missions (CSM) and stayed over in the Riverdale Missionary Church.

On Friday night, we went on a prayer tour of Toronto and got to hear about many of the ministries going on around various parts of the city.

On Saturday morning, we cooked breakfast and handed it out to homeless men and women around the city. I got to talk to a few of them and it was very cool.

We also went to the Good Shepherd Men's Shelter (check it out here) and helped out with some laundry.

I loved being able to serve God and also learned some lessons along the way.

Although we cannot move into our home for 6 months, Joel and I are not homeless. We own a home, and will move into it eventually. In the meantime, I have no doubts about us finding a place to live.

I have witnessed human beings sleeping on the streets - in winter - on subway grates to try and keep warm. I have witnessed men, one with two beautiful daughters in tow, lining up for a free meal. I have seen many beds in a homeless shelter, with signs up on the walls, reminding residents of a no drug, violence and weapon policy.

I am very fortunate, and I can't forget it.

I can't explain why I have been so blessed throughout the course of my life. I know that I haven't done anything to deserve it. I am a sinner.

I have been saved through the grace of God, and will spend my entire life living for and serving Him.

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