Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Missions Trip

In March, some of the young adults from our church are going on a mini-missions trip to Toronto for a weekend. The focus is going to be on homelessness and poverty. I am so thrilled that I am able to go, because I was originally booked for that weekend, and let's just say life is a little crazy right now! A weekend is the perfect length, and it falls right before March break as well. It's pretty cool that I am able to go and spread God's love and word. I am thankful that my prayers were answered!

I am sure I will have a lot to write about after the trip!

In other exciting news... we finalized the flowers for the wedding, decided on the tuxes for Joel and the groomsmen, and are placing the order for our invitations on Thursday! Everything is really coming together and I think it is going to be a beautiful day.

In other other exciting news... this Thursday is PJ day at school! And Friday is a PA day! (Yes, I still have to go to school but don't have to plan) ANNNND... PAY DAY! Woo hoo. I only get paid once a month and was paid 2 weeks early at Christmas... so let's just say getting a cheque after going without for 6 weeks is going to be pretty sweet! Also... PJs are my favourite. I would probably wear them all the time if it were socially acceptable... seriously.

I changed some things so you no longer need an account with google to comment. You can just comment as "anonymous" and leave your name. I'd love to hear from you :)

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