Friday, December 3, 2010

Good Day, Good Week, Good Life!

This has been a good week.

Late Sunday night, I had decided to name the upcoming week STRESS. It was definitely looking to be that way, between writing my first set of report cards, having our design centre appointment, and the usual wedding/school planning stressors.

HOWEVER... this week was awesome! I stayed at school late Monday night and finished my report cards. Today, I happily submitted the finished reports to my Principal, ready to be sent home. It feels amazing.

The design centre appointment is over, and I feel very happy about all of our choices. The front foyer is going to have an archway! Very cool.

Tonight, Jenna and I went to the dress shop and placed the order for bridesmaid dresses, and I bought a beautiful veil. It is so gorgeous, and makes me feel more like a bride!

Everything is coming together, and the week of stress ended up being the week of awesome. I love how things do not always turn out how you expect, and that a lot of the time they end up working out for the better. Hallelujah!

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