Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Paycheque

Tomorrow is PAYDAY!

Although I have held many jobs and received hundreds of paycheques in the past, being paid for teaching is just different.

For years, the only work I did with children was volunteer, and even practice teaching doesn't pay the bills.

My job is amazing. I work for the most amazing school, with the most amazing colleagues, and teach the most amazing children. Not only do I receive all of this; but I get PAID to be there. Each paycheque is such an unbelievable blessing.

It is truly incredible and I am so thankful! Although teaching is more than a career to me - it is a calling - it is still very nice to be earning a living from it!

This past summer, I worried about money almost every day. One night I was reading my Bible and stumbled upon Proverbs 10:3a - The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry.
This really spoke to me, and I realized that I needed to keep trusting in God and that He would provide for all of my needs. A couple of weeks later, I got hired at Kumon. This was an amazing opportunity, but didn't offer many hours. Soon after, I found out about an opening at a pool store near my house. I was hired and now was working all the time! By now I was on cloud nine, so thankful that God was providing for me. Little did I know, He had much more in store for me!

I am so incredibly blessed, and thankful to God for providing me with this wonderful career.
I love that God is faithful and that I can always count on Him!

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